Punch of me!

The time you start healing , life gives you another punch full of scars. The time you start thinking Oh! Now everything is good and real, life gives you sparks of telling you no there’s more to come to make your life down.

But that time, being a continuous warrior you decide to stand up all the time…I mean seriously all the time! You know why? Just because every problem’s solution is YOU. (Problem is also you :D)

Waiting for another punch by the way, good luck!

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Your Health Comes First!

Health is an important thing that’s in our hands. To care and to be cared are two different things. You care yourself if you love yourself and your well being. While, to be cared by someone is like you can’t care yourself enough.

Health is not just physical,this mindset is totally unacceptable. If a person is healthier from outside but depressed or hopeless from inside he or she shouldn’t be considered as healthy.

Yes,physical health is the major part of health. We should take care of it the most by ;

° Enough sleep of 8 hours

° Exercise daily

° Eat Fruits

° Eat green vegetables the most (We should eat every vege)

° Drink Milk

° Eat junks occasionally like chocolate,chips etc

For other components of health,we should;

° Meditation (20 mins are enough)

° Read something for 20 mins

° Give yourself time to think on you. (The change you want to satisfy yourself etc)

° If you’re good at artwork,do that you’ll find peace.

°Talk to your parents

° Always smile, real or fake. (It boosts your confidence)

° Don’t take every little thing on yourself

By saying I don’t care,you’re actually carinh yourself ❤

Don’t care about what people want , you are you. And your health is in your hands, have peace in your hearts and courage in your minds.


Peace n happiness!

Peace – feeling of being calm from inside , that can’t be shared.

Happiness – Feeling of joy, that’s inside but can be seen from ourside too, it can be shared.

The question isn’t this, that what are they by defs, but to feel them.

When life isn’t so easy, when winds seem dangerous. When me isn’t me and everyone is like non-valuable. When tiredness is the part of my routine, when sleep isn’t my habit. When I love and hate at the same time, when I feel love from the core. When I don’t think about myself, when I am more concerned about others — Every act n every moment possess peace and somewhat happiness.


Our minds and hearts are connected. Whatever we think, will be done that way! Being so sharp to notice that positive side that has done to you in that moment of damage can be the best therapy you have.

Life is not sessile,that’s your problem is.

Stay charm n cool!

Peace n happiness is in your way 🙂


Suicide. Stress. Depression. headaches. Negative behaviors. Rudeness. Being down.

WORDS, that are just words but can be the most scariest things when we take it lightly. What if we listen them just as the words and enjoy them as they’re the gifts for us from the divine?

Take these things and situations as your power. The moment when you think about suicide is the moment when you’re so high to think and can do million of things that you want to do. Basically, you’re enthusiastic that time. And that enthusiasm can take you along the negative side or positive too.

Depression, being a poison kills the person and personality. What if we think during depression that the thing that’s more depressed and stressed/pressurized comes back with an amazing phenomena called CHANGE. Spring won’t break, it comes back with an increase stretchable way so that the next time when you stress it it will be more flexible. Make yourself that flexible!! Nothing in life can break this flexibility of yours until or unless you want.

Positivity is in the eyes of the beholder as beauty. You see positivity, you feel positivity and amazingly you will spread positivity around you. Like knowledge, how humble you will to spread the positivity it will increase hundred times to you.

Now whenever you think any of these things, just give 2 mins to yourself & BREATHE. Breathe just not the way you’re breathing now. But the way you should breathe to enhance yourselves.

Have a peaceful life 🙂